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Currently working at Sciences Po Toulouse, a French Grande-École, in the SW of France. Teaching years 1 and 5 of the Master's Programme, I have, over the 25 years that I have been teaching there, held positions of Programme Manager for the International and Comparative Studies Diploma and Pedagogical Supervisor, as well as Deputy Director of International Relations. I hold a PhD in Languages, Litterature and Civilisation Studies of English-speaking countries from the University of Toulouse II Jean-Jaurès and my research is related to the notion of national identity and in particular the integration of Sikhs in both the United Kingdom and France as a comparative study.

Publications and communications include: 


  • ‘National Identity in France: Immigration and the Validity of Civil Tests’ in Richard Verdugo & Andrew Milne (eds.), National Identity Theory and Research. Charlotte NC: Information Age Publishing, 2016.
  • Mansour, Dina, Ile, Sébastien & Milne, Andrew (eds.), Identity, Difference and Belonging. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2014. (ISBN: 184888284X). 
  • Milne, Andrew. "Frenchness: Reducing the Mosaic of Multi-Facetted Integration to a Civil Test" in Mansour, Dina & Milne Andrew (eds). Negotiating Boundaries in Multicultural Societies. (ISBN: 1848882726).
  • Milne, Andrew. “The Civil Tests used in the Evaluation of Immigrants: Can the French Do it?”, in M-A Mattioli, Olga Muro and Michel Prum (eds.) Identité Nationale à l'Epreuve des Identites Culturelles en Allemagne en France au Royaume Uni une approche critique. Paris: L’Harmattan, 2013.  (ISBN: 2343013853).
  • ‘French Testing of Immigrants in the naturalization process’. Publication of the proceedings of the International Seminar on Ethnicity and Literature. October 2012.
  • ‘Civil Tests and their Validity’. E-book publication of the paper presented at the conference (6th Global Conference: Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging at Mansfield College, University of Oxford). 2012.


  • Octobre 2012, Macao, SAR, Chine, 5th International Conference on Public Management in the 21stCentury: Opportunities and Challenges, organiséé par le Center for Chinese Public Administration Research de l’université de Sun Yat-Sen, Chine et le Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau de Macau SAR, l’Université de Macao et la Macau Foundation. Communication : ‘The Ethics of Testing Immigrants’.
  • Septembre 2012, Oxford, GB, 6th Global Conference: Multiculturalism, Conflict and Belonging à Mansfield College, l’Université d’Oxford organisée par Inter-Disciplinary.Net. Communication: ‘Civil Tests and their Validity’.
  • Mars 2012, Paris, ‘L’Identité nationale à l’épreuve des identités culturelles en Allemagne, en France et au Royaume-Uni : une analyse critique’. Communication: ‘The Civil Tests used in the Evaluation of Immigrants: Can the French Do it?’.

I have also written a number of books to help students of English either improve their grammar skills or prepare for oral examinations. Grammaire Progressive de l’Anglais - Paris: Belin – 1996 (ISBN: 2701122171). Toulouse: Editions Cépaduès : Prépa à l’oral d’anglais: Security Issues (ISBN:2.85428.737.1) 2006; Prépa à l’oral d’anglais: International Issues (ISBN: 2.85428.749.5) 2006; Prépa à l’oral d’anglais: Environmental Issues (ISBN: 2.85428.751.7) 2007; Prépa à l’oral d’anglais: Violence Issues (ISBN: 2.85428.752.5) 2007; Prépa à l’oral d’anglais: Anglais du PNC/ Flight Attendants’ English (ISBN: 2.85428.761.5) 2007; Prépa à l’oral d’anglais: Human Behaviour Issues (ISBN: 978.2.85428.8) 2008, amongst others. 

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