Slobodan Sucur

Slobodan Sucur received his Ph.D. in September of 2000 at the University of Alberta (Edmonton, Canada) and teaches English and Global literature in the Department of English & Film Studies. His publications include articles on Gothic and Romantic literature and theories of comparative literature in the online journal CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture: A WWWeb Journal, and a book-length study, Poe, Odoyevsky, and Purloined Letters: Questions of Theory and Period Style Analysis, a work that draws on his broad literary interests, ranging from Edgar Allan Poe and Vladimir Fyodorovich Odoevsky to such topics as Romanticism, the "long" eighteenth century, literary theory, literary history and period style analysis. He has also contributed several articles to the Literary Encyclopedia, on Gothic literature and the work of such writers as Edgar Allan Poe, V.F. Odoevsky, and Nathaniel Hawthorne. Currently, he is continuing his research into literary periodization and classification.