Angelika Zirker

Dr. Angelika Zirker is an assistant professor at the English Department of Tuebingen University. After studying English, French and German at the Universities of Saarbruecken (Germany), Metz (France), and Cardiff (Wales), she completed her PhD in English Literature on The Pilgrim as a Child: Concepts of Play, Language and Salvation in Lewis Carroll’s Alice Books in July 2009 (published by LIT in 2010). Her current project deals with the relations between poetry and the stage during the Early Modern period.
Angelika Zirker is an associate member of the postgraduate programmes Dimensions of Ambiguity and Sacred Texts, a member of project A2 "Interpretability in Context" of SFB 833, and one of the co-editors of Connotations: A Journal for Critical Debate. Her research interests include Shakespeare, Early Modern Poetry, children’s literature and concepts of childhood, literature and ethics, as well as nineteenth-century literature and culture, with a strong emphasis on the novel. She is also the co-founder of an interdisciplinary project on Wordplay and of