Vladislava Reznik

Vladislava Reznik holds a PhD in Russian Linguistics from the University of Exeter. In 2005 she conducted post-doctoral research at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, as a fellow of the Swiss National Science Foundation. She has also taught at the University of Strathclyde, University of Glasgow, London School of Slavonic and East European Studies and, most recently, at Durham University.
Her research interests include Russian intellectual and cultural history, linguistic historiography and epistemology, sociolinguistics and the politics of language. Her other main area of research is concerned with East European travel writing and, specifically, with Ukrainian travel writing and the construction of Ukraine's European identity in travel texts.
She is currently working on her first monograph on the evolution of Saussureanism in Russia, due to be published by Peter Lang in 2009.

Her most recent publications are:
‘Succession or Subversion: Professional Strategies of Soviet Cultural Revolution: The Case of Nikolai Marr’, Slavonica, 13: 2 (2007), 150-167.
‘A Long Rendezvous: Aleksandr Romm’s Unpublished Works on Saussure’, Slavonic and East European Review, 86: 1 (2008), 1-25.
‘Re-socializing Saussure: Alexandr Romm’s Unpublished Review of Marxism and the Philosophy of Language’, in Langue et penseé: Union Soviétique, anneé 1920-1930, ed. by Patrick Seriot and Janette Friedrich, Cahiers de l'ILSL, no. 24, 2008, pp. 179-90.
Bibliography of Ukrainian travel writing, in East Looks West: A Bibliography of East European Travel Writing on European Identities and Divisions 1600-2000, ed. by Wendy Bracewell and Alex Drace-Francis (Budapest: CEU Press, 2008), v. 3, pp. 471-86.