Colin Stanley

Colin Stanley was born in Topsham, Devon in 1952 and educated at Exmouth School. In 1980, having attained his Library Association diploma at Thames Valley University, he became a librarian at Nottingham University, where he worked until 2005.

He is the published bibliographer of the English author/philosopher Colin Wilson, editor of Colin Wilson Studies (a series of books and booklets about Wilson's work written by scholars worldwide), author of two experimental novels and a volume of nonsense verse. In 1989 he edited the symposium Colin Wilson, a celebration: essays and recollections (London: Cecil Woolf), Existentially Speaking: essays on the philosophy of literature by Colin Wilson (San Bernardino: Borgo Press) and, in 2008, 'The Death of God' and other plays by Colin Wilson (Nottingham: Paupers' Press).In 2009 he wrote Colin Wilson's Outsider Cycle: a guide for students, edited Existential Criticism: selected book reviews by Colin Wilson (Nottingham: Paupers' Press) and Collected Essays on Philosophers by Colin Wilson (Newcastle-Upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars, 2016)

He now runs a publishing company in Nottingham, writes and lectures about Colin Wilson and has worked part-time for Oxford and Nottingham Trent Universities. His vast collection of Wilson's work has recently been acquired by Nottingham University: where a significant number of Wilson's manuscripts now reside including a digital copy of the handwritten manuscript of The Outsider

He was the convener of The First International Colin Wilson Conference held at the University of Nottingham in 2016