Marcelline Block

Marcelline Block (BA, Harvard; MA, Princeton; PhD candidate, Princeton) is Lecturer in History at Princeton. She edited Situating the Feminist Gaze and Spectatorship in Postwar Cinema (Cambridge Scholars, 2008; 2010), co-edited Gender Scripts in Medicine and Narrative (Cambridge Scholars, 2010), co-edited volume 18 of Critical Matrix: The Princeton Journal of Women, Gender and Culture (2009), as well as contributed chapters to the following anthologies: The Many Ways We Talk about Death in Contemporary Society: Interdisciplinary Studies in Portrayal and Classification (2009); Vendetta: Essays on Honor and Revenge (2010), and Cherchez la femme: Women and Values in the Francophone World (2011). Her articles have appeared in the journals Excavatio, vol. XXII: Realism and Naturalism in Film Studies (2007); The Harvard French Review (2007), and Women in French Studies (2009, 2010). Her writing has been published in French in Vingtième Siècle: revue d’histoire (vol. 96, 2007) and in Russian in Russian Art Beyond Borders: Late 20th Century-Early 21st Century (2010).