Thea Pitman

Thea Pitman was awarded her PhD from University College London in 1999 for a thesis on Mexican travel writing and she has a forthcoming book based on this research: Mexican Travel Writing (Lang, 2008). She has also published a number of articles on diverse aspects of Mexican travel writing, and is currently working on a book about Mexican women travellers in the twentieth century. Other research interests include Latin American cyberliterature - she has coedited the anthology Latin American Cyberliterature and Cyberculture (Liverpool UP, 2007) together with Claire Taylor (U of Liverpool), and is currently working on other related projects: for more information see She is co-editor for 2007-08 of the journal New Cinemas, together with Catherine O'Rawe (U of Bristol), and is also currently editing a double special issue of the Journal for Transatlantic Studies, together with Andy Stafford (U of Leeds), dedicated to comparative approaches to the study of Africa and the Americas.