Joseph O'Leary

Joseph S. O'Leary studied English and French literature at Maynooth College, National University of Ireland, and holds a doctorate in patristic theology from the Pontifical University of Maynooth (1976). He also studied at the Pontifical Gregorian University (1972-3), the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes (1977-8), the Nanzan Institute for Religion and Culture, Nagoya (1985-7). He has taught English Literature in Sophia University, Tokyo, since 1988. He has written copiously on Henry James, George Moore, Yeats, Joyce, and Beckett. He is the author of "Questioning Back: The Overcoming of Metaphysics in Christian Tradition" (Minneapolis, 1985), "Religious Pluralism and Christian Truth" (Edinburgh UP, 1996) and "L'art du jugement en théologie" (Paris, forthcoming).