Carlo Vecce

Professor of Italian Literature University of Naples “L'Orientale” (Italy), Faculty of Languages and Literatures. Graduated in 1982 at Catholic University (Milan) with a dissertation on Iacopo Sannazaro and cultural relationships between Italy and Europe in the Renaissance, directed by the famous Petrarch’s scholar Giuseppe Billanovich. His researchs focused on Renaissance Literature: tradition of classical texts, history of intellectual workshops in the dawn of Modern Age (printing and manuscript notebooks), visual culture and arts. Secretary of the Commissione Nazionale Vinciana, and the author of a Leonardo Biography translated in other languages, he was appointed to prepare the critical edition of Leonardo da Vinci’s manuscripts, under the direction of Carlo Pedretti (the Book on painting in the Vatican Library, published in 1995, and the Codex Arundel 263 in the British Library, published in 1998). Another main collaboration was in the organization of the important exhibitions on Leonardo in 2003 (New York, Metropolitan Museum, and Paris, Louvre). Other studies are also dedicated to authors of modern italian literature: Parini, Leopardi, Campana. Former fellow at the Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies (Villa I Tatti), teacher in the universities of Pavia, Macerata, Chieti and Paris-Sorbonne, he is currently professor of Italian Literature at the university of Naples “L'Orientale”, where he leads the PhD School in Italian Studies.