Mats Arne Karlsson

Mats Karlsson lectures in Japanese Studies at the University of Sydney. He researches and teaches on comparative literature, modern Japanese literature, Japanese cinema, as well as on contemporary aspects of Japanese society. He is currently working on a monograph manuscript dealing with material aspects and practical outcomes of the Proletarian Cultural Movement in Japan around 1930. Recent publications include 'Kurahara Korehito's Road to Proletarian Realism', Nichibunken Japan Review 20 (2008).

Karlsson is the recipient of the Fourth Inoue Yasushi Award for his article ‘Writing Madness: Deranged Impressions in Akutagawa’s “Cogwheels” and Strindberg’s Inferno’, Comparative Literature Studies, 46:4 (2009). He received his PhD diploma from Stockholm University for a narratological and comparative study of the fiction of novelist Nakagami Kenji: The Kumano Saga of Nakagami Kenji, Edsbruk: Akademitryck AB, 2001.