Letizia Alterno

Dr Letizia Alterno is the Editor-in-Chief (since 2006) of the Raja Rao Publication Project. Her PhD project at the University of Manchester, U.K, which is now becoming a book, focused on a postcolonial reading of Raja Rao's production. She is the director of Rao’s official website ("http://www.therajaraoendowment.org/") and the author of Rao's obituary article, published by The Guardian (2006) as well as a recent article on the legacy of Rao's work in The Times of India (2010). She has translated some of Rao's works into Italian and is currently editing a critical anthology, which investigates the significance of Raja Rao’s writings in the transnational era. She is also working, together with Rao’s wife Susan, on a biography of the author.