Helene Jaccomard is a Professor of French Studies at the University of Western Australia. Her fields of research cover contemporary French autobiographies such as Nathalie Sarraute, Amélie Nothomb, Colette Guedj, Nina Bouraoui (see Lecteur et lecture dans l’autobiographie française contemporaine).

She has written extensively on AIDS life stories (Lire le sida: témoignages au féminin

As part of her call for social justice in a postcolonial world she has published on second-generation Maghrebi migrants literature ("Beurs") and representations of the Algerian War (“17 October 1961, ‘a concentrate of the horrors of the Algerian War’, in P. Dwyer, L. Ryan (eds). Theatres of Violence: The Massacre, Mass Killing and Atrocity in History, 2011).

Her interest in Yasmina Reza stems from a fascination with contemporary French Drama, situated as it is "at the end of an irreversible process of aesthetic purification" (André Bazin) ("Du blanc, rien que du blanc: la traduction anglo-américaine d’« Art » de Yasmina Reza", Traduire, 2010; « Yasmina Reza, ou le service minimum auto/biographique », Relief 2009) .