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Article Publication Date
Alicia D'Anvers 2008-07-03
Anne Conway 2009-01-26
Anne Wentworth 2009-04-21
Bathsua Makin 2008-09-15
Burton, Henry. A Narration of the Life of Mr. Henry Burton 1643 2008-09-15
Burton, Henry. Apology of an Appeale 1636 2008-09-15
Burton, Henry. For God and the King 1637 2008-09-15
Burton, Henry. Protestation Protested 1641 2008-09-15
Colchester surrenders to Parliament 2008-05-19
Dorothy Moore 2008-03-21
Elinor James 2010-06-17
Elizabeth Freke 2008-03-17
Elizabeth Fry 2012-04-26
James Shirley 2010-08-16
John Evelyn 2009-02-23
John Owen 2008-09-17
Knox, John. A Faithful Admonition to the Professors of God's Truth in England 1554 2009-03-28
Knox, John. A Godly Letter of Warning, Or Admonition to the Faithful in London, Newcastle, and Berwick 1554 2009-02-18
Knox, John. First Blast of the Trumpet against the Monstrous Regiment of Women 1558 2009-11-21
Lady Arbella Stuart 2008-08-17
Lady Eleanor Davies 2010-06-08
Lady Elizabeth Ralegh 2009-04-21
Lady Grace Mildmay 2008-04-03
Lucy Knatchbull 2009-01-13
Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle 2011-01-12
Margaret Fell 2015-04-24
Mary Carleton 2008-09-12
Oliver Cromwell 2009-01-27
Owen, John. A Display of Arminianism 1643 2008-09-17
Owen, John. The Death of Death in the Death of Christ 1648 2008-11-10
Rebellion against Parliament emerges in Essex 2008-05-19
Siege of Colchester 2008-05-19
Sir William Dugdale 2010-03-22
Thomas Nashe 2009-01-26
Wentworth, Anne. A true Account of Anne Wentworths Being cruelly, unjustly, and unchristianly dealt with by some of those people called Anabaptists.... 1676 2009-04-21
Wentworth, Anne. Englands Spiritual Pill 1679 2009-04-21
Wentworth, Anne. The Revelation of Jesus Christ 1679 2009-04-21
Winefrid Wigmore 2009-01-13

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