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Battle for Nova Scotia
Battle of Great Meadows
Battle of Jumonville
Battle of Lake George
Battle of Montmorency
Battle of Saint Foy
Battle of the Monongahela
Battle of the Plains of Abraham
Battle of the Ristigouche
Battle of the Thousand Islands
Battle on Snow Shoes
British besiege Fort Beausejour
British occupy Fort Carillon and Fort St Frederic
British occupy Michilimackinac
British take Fort Duquesne
British take Port Royal (Annapolis) in Acadia
Deportation of Acadians who refuse allegiance
Detroit surrenders to the British
First French and Indian war begins
Fort Amherst built at Prince Edward Island; 3500 Acadians deported to France
Fort Frontenac taken by the British
Fort Gaspereau surrenders to the British
Fort William recaptured by the British
French abandon siege of Quebec
French and Indian forces attack Deerfield
French and Indian forces oust British from Adyar
French and Indian Wars: Anglo-French Conflict in North America
French and Indians besiege Fort William Henry
French attack British forts at Oswego
French attack British troops
French capture Fort William
French defeat British at Grant's Hill
French defeat the British at Fort Carillon
French force ambushed; Fort Niagara surrenders
French retreat to Montreal; British enter Quebec
General Wolfe appointed Commander-in-Chief in British North America
George Washington arrives in Ohio country to counter the French
Montreal surrenders to the British
Prime Minister William Pitt orders destruction of Louisburg fortifications
Second French and Indian War - also known as Queen Anne's War
Senecas demand removal of French forts
Seven Years' War [Seven Years War]
Siege of Louisbourg
Third French and Indian War - also known as King George's War
Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War