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American Revolutionary War
Americans abandon siege of Newport
Americans capture Fort Ticonderoga and Crown Point
Battle of Bunker Hill
Battle of Guilford Courthouse
Battle of Long Island
Battle of Ticonderoga
Battle of Yorktown
Battles of Lexington and Concord lead to the siege of Boston
Benedict Arnold defeated at Lake Champlain
Benedict Arnold found to be a traitor
Britain and America call for cessation of arms
Britain suffers heavy casualties at Bemis Heights, New York
British defeated at Bennington
British defeated at King's Mountain
British force captures Savannah, Georgia
British repulse American attack on Penobscot
British secure control of Delaware
Burgoyne capitulates to Americans
Butler leads Indians in Cherry Valley massacre
Clark completes American conquest of Old Northwest
Clinton evacuates troops from Philadelphia
Congress despatch force to Wyoming Valley
Congress rejects British peace offer
Congress retires to Baltimore
Congress supresses authority of the British Crown
Cornwallis defeated at Princeton
Cornwallis defeats Americans at Camden
Cornwallis defeats Greene at Eutaw
De Grasse occupies Chesapeake Bay
Deane obtains French loan of 1 million for America
Declaration of Independence of the United States. War of Independence 1776-1783 begins
Execution of Nathan Hale
Flag of united American colonies created
Fort Lee surrenders to British
France and Spain supply U.S. with arms
French fleet arrives off Delaware
French under Rochambeau arrive at Newport
George Washington appointed Commander-in-Chief of American forces
Hessian mercenaries recruited for American war
Howe defeats Greene and Americans at Brandywine
Howe occupies Philadelphia
Howe takes New York and occupies Rhode Island
John Paul Jones sea battle
La Fayette's French volunteers arrive in America
Morgan defeats Tarleton's forces at battle of Cowpens
Patrick Henry delivers famous speech about American autonomy
Paul Revere warns of invasion
Peace preliminaries between British and Americans
Philadelphia Congress declaration
Ratification of Constitution
Revolutionary Army officers form the Society of Cincinnati
Sumpter's army defeated by British under Tarleton
Treaty of Paris - Britain recognizes independence of the United States
U.S.-France Treaty
United Colonies are proposed to be independent states
Virginia convention instructs proposal of independence
Washington crosses the Delaware
Washington defeated at Germantown
Washington defeats British at Monmouth
Washington forces British to evacuate Boston
Washington occupies Heights of Dorchester
Washington retreats to Pennsylvania
Washington’s army encamped at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania
Wyoming massacre