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American Indian activists occupy Alcatraz Island
American Indians made U.S. Citizens
Apache uprisings in the south-west of the USA
Apache Wars
Battle of Bad Axe River
Battle of Great Meadows
Battle of Horse Shoe Bend
Battle of Little Bighorn
Battle of the Thames, Canada
Battle of Wounded Knee
Butler leads Indians in Cherry Valley massacre
Canadian government gains land from the Blackfeet Indians
Chief Joseph's War
Congress despatch force to Wyoming Valley
First French and Indian war begins
First Nations Theatre [Native Canadian Theatre, Canadian Aboriginal Theatre]
First Seminole War
French and Indian forces attack Deerfield
French and Indian Wars: Anglo-French Conflict in North America
French and Indians besiege Fort William Henry
French-Indian rebellion in western Canada
General Wayne
Gold found in Dakota
Great Sioux War
Harrison wins battle at Tippecanoe
Indian Captivity Narratives
Indian police kill Sitting Bull in South Dakota
Indian Removal Act
King Philip's War
League of tribes founded by Iroquois Indians
Mary Rowlandson publishes an account of her captivity among Indians
Mass American Indian baptism in Florida
Modoc War
Native American land in Oklahoma given to white settlers
Navajo War
Peace treaty between Oglala Sioux and General Sherman
Pequot War
Pontiac's Rebellion
Protestant missionaries from the US sent to foreign countries and Indian tribes
Railroad Act: allows Native American lands to be appropriated
Red River War
Rights of American Indians promoted by Bishop Bartolome de la Casas
Sand Creek Massacre
Sauk Chief Keokuk resigns tribal claims to land east of the Mississippi
Second French and Indian War - also known as Queen Anne's War
Second Seminole War
Sioux Chief Sitting Bull gives himself up to the US army
Sioux Uprisings in Minnesota and North Dakota
Smallpox epidemic kills 15,000 Native American Indians
Surrender of Apache leader to General Nelson A Miles
The Black Hawk War begins
The Tuscarora Indian War
Third French and Indian War - also known as King George's War
Trail of Tears
Treaty of Paris ends French and Indian War
US Government purchases land from Chickasaw
William Penn buys land from Indians


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