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'Defenestration of Prague' starts the Thirty Years War
A French army forces the imperialists to raise the siege of Heidelberg
Anglo-French War
Battle of Breitenfeld
Battle of Compiègne
Battle of Jassy (Iasi)
Battle of Nördlingen
Battle of Stadtlohn
Battle of the Bridge of Dessau
Battle of the White Mountain
Battle of Wittstock
Bavaria and Cologne intervene in the war on behalf of the Emperor
Cardinal Richelieu begins the siege of La Rochelle
Condé's victory at Lens hastens the peace negotiations
Control of the imperial army moves from Wallenstein to Count Tilly
Count Mansfeld occupies Pilsen for the Protestant Union
Count Tilly burns Halle
Count Tilly destroys a Swedish garrison at New Brandenburg
Count Tilly enters Lauenberg
Count Tilly fails in his attack on Gluckstadt
Count Tilly invades Lower Saxony
Count Tilly invades Saxony with 20 000 Imperialist troops
Count Tilly takes Gottingen
Count Tilly's imperialist army sacks Magdeburg
Earl of Denbigh's squadron fails to relieve La Rochelle
Earl of Lindsey's fleet fails to relieve La Rochelle
Edict of Restitution against German Protestants
Emperor Ferdinand II allows Wallenstein to gather an army
England at war with Spain
English fleet aids the Huguenot defence of La Rochelle
English fleet defeated by a Franco-Castilian alliance near La Rochelle
Ferdinand II reinstates Wallenstein as Supreme Imperial Commander
Frederick II makes Wallenstein Duke of Friedland
Frederick V, Elector Palatine, is placed under the ban of the Empire
French envoys arrive at the Congress of Münster
French Victory over the Spanish at Rocroi
Gabor Bethlen again invades the Austrian dominions
Gabor Bethlen captures Bratislava and advances on Vienna
Gabor Bethlen retreats from Vienna
Gustavus II attacks Wallenstein at the Alte Veste, Nuremberg
Gustavus II of Sweden encourages James I to join the Thirty Years War
Heidelberg surrenders to the imperialists
Huguenots decide on war
La Rochelle falls
La Rochelle resists authority of Louis XIII
Last rising of French Huguenots under Rohan
Louis XIII leads the army against the Huguenots
Mannheim surrenders to the imperialists
Maurice Prince of Orange relieves Bergen-op-Zoom
Peace Conference at Munster and Osnabrück
Peace of La Rochelle
Peace of Lubeck
Peace of Munster
Peace of Prague between the Emperor Ferdinand II and the Elector of Saxony
Richelieu tries to persuade German rulers to urge Wallenstein's dismissal
Richelieu tries to unite Sweden and Catholic League against the Habsburgs
Second battle of Breitenfeld
Siege of Montauban by royalists begins
Silesia submits to Wallenstein
Sweden enters the Thirty Years War
The Catholic League and Protestant Union of Germany sign an agreement
The Catholic League and the Protestant Union sign an agreement
The Duke of Anjou fails to reduce the Huguenot stronghold of La Rochelle
The Elector of Mainz and the Landgrave of Hesse withdraw from the war
The Emperor Ferdinand II declares Wallenstein a traitor
The Emperor Ferdinand II suspects Wallenstein of treachery
The German Catholic League is persuaded to fight for Ferdinand II
The Ratisbon assembly forces Ferdinand II to dismiss Wallenstein
Thirty Years War
Tilly co-operates with Wallenstein in Brunswick
Tilly defeats Christian IV of Denmark at Lutter
Treaty of Ulm with France and Sweden
Treaty of Westphalia: End of the Thirty Years War
Turenne defeats Bavarians at Nördlingen
Wallenstein assumes the title of Admiral of the Baltic
Wallenstein becomes General of the Imperial Forces
Wallenstein goes into winter quarters in Bohemia
Wallenstein invades Silesia
Wallenstein is created Duke of Mecklenburg
Wallenstein opens peace negotiations with the Elector of Saxony
Wallenstein raises the siege of Stralsund
Wallenstein requires lieutenants to sign a declaration of loyalty
Wallenstein seizes the duchy of Mecklenburg
Wallenstein takes lands in northern Germany