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Peter Ackroyd 1971 -
Ackroyd, Peter. Hawksmoor 1985
Ali, Monica. Brick Lane 2003
Martin Amis 1973 - 2022
Amis, Martin. London Fields 1989
Amis, Martin. Money: A Suicide Note 1984
Amis, Martin. Night Train 1997
Amis, Martin. The Information 1995
Amis, Martin. The Pregnant Widow 2010
Amis, Martin. Time's Arrow 1991
Bainbridge, Beryl. According to Queeney 2001
Bainbridge, Beryl. Birthday Boys 1991
Bainbridge, Beryl. Every Man for Himself 1996
Bainbridge, Beryl. Master Georgie 1998
Banks, Iain. The Crow Road 1992
Banks, Iain. The Wasp Factory 1984
Banks, Iain. Walking on Glass 1985
Barker, Pat. Double Vision 2003
Barker, Pat. Life Class 2007
Barker, Pat. Liza's England 1986
Barnes, Julian. A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters 1989
Julian Barnes 1984 -
Barnes, Julian. England, England 1998
Barnes, Julian. Flaubert's Parrot 1984
Byatt, A. S.. Possession 1990
Angela Carter 1966 - 1992
Carter, Angela Olive. Nights at the Circus 1984
Carter, Angela Olive. Wise Children 1991
Coe, Jonathan. The Rotters' Club 2001
Dasgupta, Rana. Solo 2009
Griffiths, Niall. Sheepshagger 2001
Griffiths, Niall. Stump 2003
Hill, Susan. The Mist in the Mirror 1992
Hill, Susan. The Woman in Black 1983
Historiographic Metafiction (USA) 1960
Hollinghurst, Alan. The Line of Beauty 2004
Hollinghurst, Alan. The Swimming-Pool Library 1988
Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go 2004
Ishiguro, Kazuo. The Remains of the Day 1989
Kunzru, Hari. Transmission 2004
Hanif Kureishi 1990 -
Kureishi, Hanif. The Black Album 1995
Kureishi, Hanif. The Buddha of Suburbia 1990
Levy, Andrea. Small Island 2004
MacLaverty, Bernard. Cal 1983
MacLaverty, Bernard. Grace Notes 1997
MacLaverty, Bernard. Lamb 1980
McEwan, Ian. Amsterdam 1998
McEwan, Ian. Atonement 2001
McEwan, Ian. Black Dogs 1992
McEwan, Ian. Enduring Love 1997
Ian McEwan 1975 -
McEwan, Ian. Saturday 2005
McEwan, Ian. The Child in Time 1987
McEwan, Ian. The Comfort of Strangers 1981
McEwan, Ian. The Innocent 1990
Mitchell, David. Cloud Atlas 2004
Mitchell, David. Cloud Atlas 2004
Roberts, Michèle. A Piece of the Night 1978
Roberts, Michèle. Daughters of the House 1992
Roberts, Michèle. Flesh and Blood 1994
Roberts, Michèle. Impossible Saints 1997
Roberts, Michèle. In the Red Kitchen 1990
Roberts, Michèle. The Book of Mrs Noah 1987
Roberts, Michèle. The Looking Glass 2000
Roberts, Michèle. The Mistress Class 2001
Roberts, Michèle. The Visitation 1983
Roberts, Michèle. The Wild Girl 1984
Rushdie, Salman. Midnight's Children 1981
Salman Rushdie 1975 -
Rushdie, Salman. The Moor's Last Sigh 1995
Rushdie, Salman. The Satanic Verses 1988
Smith, Ali. The Accidental 2005
Smith, Zadie. On Beauty 2005
Zadie Smith 2000 -
Smith, Zadie. White Teeth 2000
Swift, Graham. Ever After 1992
Swift, Graham. Last Orders 1996
Swift, Graham. Learning to Swim and Other Stories 1982
Swift, Graham. Out of This World 1988
Swift, Graham. Shuttlecock 1981
Graham Swift 1980 -
Swift, Graham. The Light of Day 2003
Swift, Graham. The Sweet Shop Owner 1980
Swift, Graham. Waterland 1983
Thomas, D. M.. The White Hotel 1981
Unsworth, Barry. The Ruby in Her Navel 2006
Waters, Sarah. Affinity 1999
Waters, Sarah. Fingersmith 2002
Waters, Sarah. The Night Watch 1999
Waters, Sarah. Tipping the Velvet 1998
Weldon, Fay. Growing Rich 1992
Weldon, Fay. The Life and Loves of a She-Devil 1984
Winterson, Jeanette. Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit 1985
Winterson, Jeanette. The Passion 1987
Jeanette Winterson 1985 -
Winterson, Jeanette. Written on the Body 1992

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