Archilochus (760 words)

  • Douglas Gerber (University of Western Ontario)

Archilochus was born on the island of Paros in the central Aegean Sea. Neither the date of his birth nor of his death is known, but it is clear from archaeological and literary evidence that he lived in the 7th century. Paros had colonized the island of Thasos, close to the mainland at the northern end of the Aegean, and Archilochus was involved in the colonization. The mainland opposite Thasos was inhabited by Thracians, who frequently came into conflict with the Greek settlers. Such conflicts form the subject of a number of Archilochus' poems. Paros was also on hostile terms with the neighbouring island of Naxos and a Naxian is said to have been responsible for Archilochus' death.

There are only two Greek poets whose extant …

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