Marcus Tullius Cicero

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  • Abdool-Hack Mamoojee

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman lawyer, politician, man of letters and moral philosopher, was one of the most famous orators and Latin prose stylists of the Classical period. His works have been studied and emulated by generations of thinkers down to the present.

Marcus Tullius Cicero was born on 3rd January 106 BC in the outskirts of Arpinum (mod. Arpino), a hill-town in Latium approximately 70 miles southeast of Rome which shared Rome's Latin culture and her Roman citizenship. The Ciceros were landed gentry, active in municipal governance and hopeful of national public life. They cultivated social connections with conservative nobles of the capital, optimates, whose opponents,

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Articles on Cicero's works

  1. Academica [Academic Books]
  2. Cato maior de senectute [Cato the Elder on Old Age]
  3. De divinatione
  4. De Fato [On Fate]
  5. De imperio Cn. Pompei sive pro lege Manilia [On the command of Gnaeus Pompey or on behalf of the law of Manilius]
  6. De Legibus [On the laws]
  7. De natura deorum [On the Nature of the Gods]
  8. De Officiis [On Duties]
  9. De Oratore [On the Orator]
  10. De Re Publica [On the State]
  11. Epistulae ad Atticum [Letters to Atticus]
  12. Epistulae ad Familiares [Letters to Friends]
  13. Epistulae ad Marcum Brutum
  14. Epistulae ad Quintum Fratrem [To His Brother Quintus]
  15. In Catilinam [Against Catiline]
  16. In Verrem [Against Verres]
  17. Laelius De Amicitia [On Friendship]
  18. Orator [The Orator]
  19. Philippicae Orationes [Philippics]
  20. Pro Archia [On Behalf of Archias]
  21. Pro Caecina [On Behalf of Caecina]
  22. Pro Caelio [On Behalf of Caelius]
  23. Pro Milone [On Behalf of Milo]
  24. Pro Murena [On Behalf of Murena]
  25. Pro Plancio [On Behalf of Plancius]
  26. Pro Publio Sulla
  27. Pro Roscio Amerino [On Behalf of Roscius of Ameria]
  28. Pro Sestio [On Behalf of Sestius]
  29. Tusculanae Disputationes [Tusculan Disputations]