Surrender of Apache leader to General Nelson A Miles (121 words)

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On 4 September, Geronimo, leader of the Apache Indians, surrendered after a sustained period of resistance to U.S. military authorities. In 1882, George Crook, a Lieutenant Colonel who had had success fighting Geronimo on his own territory in Arizona, was recalled to the region to restore order. Crook managed Geronimo to surrender and return to his San Carlos reservationin 1884. However, Geronimo fled that reservation in 1885, and took a small fighting force with him. Thus, Crook once again renewed his pursuit of the guerrilla warrior that was Geronimo. Crook was unable to recapture Geronimo, however, and he was soon replaced by Brigadier General Nelson A. Miles. After a torrid five months, Miles, who commanded 5,500 troops, forced …

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