Reference and Thematic Groups

Group Name
Adventure Fiction
African American Drama
African American Fiction
African American Poetry
American Civil War
American Civil-Rights Movement in the 1960s
American War of Independence
Anglican Reformation 16th Century - Politics and Religion
Anglo-Saxon writers and works
Angry Young Men
Arthurian Literature
Black Mountain poets
Bloomsbury group
British-Boer Wars
Catholic literature
Cavalier Poets
Charlemagne and the Carolingian Empire
Children's Literature
Comics and the Graphic Novel
Communism and Dissent in Central and Eastern Europe
Comparative Literature, Reception, Influences
Confessional Poetry
Crime, Detective, Spy/ Thriller Fiction
Critical Theory
Dreyfus Affair
Dystopian and Apocalyptic Fiction
English Civil War
English Landscape Gardening
English Landscape Poetry
English Renaissance Poetry
English Renaissance Theatre - Elizabethan
English Renaissance Theatre - Jacobean
English Romanticism
European Dynastic and Religious Wars 16th-17th Centuries: France
European Dynastic and Religious Wars 16th-17th Centuries: Germany and Central Europe
European Romanticism
Experiment and Avant-Gardes
Exploration, Explorers, Pioneers
Family Sagas/ Chronicles
Fantasy & Horror Fiction
Feminism & Women's Studies
First Peoples in North America
Francophone Caribbean Literature
Francophone North Africa
French Revolution and French Revolutionary Wars: 1789-1802
Georgian Poetry
Gothic, Grotesque & Supernatural Fiction
Gulag and Anti-Stalinist Narratives
Holocaust Literature
Hungarian Literature
Indian Poetry in English
Indian Prose Fiction in English
Italian Women's Writing
Jewish American Writing
Late nineteenth century theatre and film
Latin America
Latin American 'Boom'
Literary Genres and Modes
Literature of the American South
Magical Realism in Literature
Metafictional Writing
Metaphysical Poets
Middle Eastern Literatures& Cultures
Mirrors for princes
Napoleonic Wars: 1803-1815
Native American and Canadian Writing
New Journalism
New Woman writers
Nobel Prize-winners
Novelistic Genres
Picaresque narrative
Picturesque landscape and gardens
Postcolonial Literature - American
Postcolonial literature - Britain, The Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand
Postcolonial Literature - Canadian
Postcolonial Theory and Criticism
Postcolonial Women Writers in Italy
Postmodernist American Fiction
Postmodernist British Fiction
Postmodernist literature in Europe
Poststructuralism and Deconstruction
Prime Ministers in Britain
Queer (GLBT) Literature
Reigns and Monarchy in the British Isles
Religious Reform, Protestants, Dissenters
Renaissance and Humanism
Renaissance Women's Writing
Revenge Tragedy
Sensation Fiction
Seven Years' War in North America: French and Indian Wars
Shakespeare on Film
Sicilian Literature
Speculative and Science Fiction
The Beats
The Congo Affair
The Enlightenment
The French Fronde
The Lost Generation
The Movement
The New York School
The Sentimental Novel/ Novel of Sensibility
The Sonnet Tradition
Theatre of the Absurd
Thirty Years War
Timeline of USA formation
Travel writing
US Presidents and Presidencies
Utopias/ Utopian Thought and Fiction
Victorian Scientific Thought and Applications
Victorian Women's Writing
Vietnam War
War of the Austrian Succession
War of the Spanish Succession
Wars of the Roses
World War 1 Literature
World War 2 Literature
Young Adult Literature